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About Us! 

We are The Mighty Chihuahua

We are a focused company helping small businesses to strenghten their image. We always look at small companies’ marketing and often see ads that could use a professional touch and a sharper presentation.  Usually these lackluster ads are due to budget constraints or a lack of expertise. As small business owners ourselves we understand the challenges new and smaller organizations face. 

Our story originated from our ongoing analysis of print and online advertising.  It became apparent to us that often times smaller business offer excellent products and services but have a difficult time translating their story into effective, professional-looking ads.  The most common hurdles are budgets and lack of experience.

The Mighty Chihuahua is dedicated to helping organizations overcome these challenges by providing professional-looking ads at very reasonable rates. 

We believe that you can look fabulous on a budget!


Whatever your needs, from the design of a logo or website to the creation of an app or flyer or developing a loyalty program or a promotion or a product launch, we are ready to design for you and help you achieve the results you need.

About Us

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Create your brand!

your image is essential to make you grow.


Get more sales!

Get known by everybody

with a successful business.


Look professional!

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Out of ideas?

Let us help you think

and succeed

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Our Work

No matter how small we believe that any business can showcase themselves alongside larger competitors without sacrificing a great looking image.  With our affordability and style, “Now you can run with the big dogs!” We are The Mighty Chihuahua, and now you can be one, too!

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